RCH with Gripper Stacker

Long Lengths Difficult Materials

The Rosenthal RCH Sheeter with?Gripper Stacker allows you to quickly and accurately?stack the output of your Sheeter.? The Gripper mechanism gives you the ability to stack even difficult to handle materials and long lengths. An optional indexing conveyor gives the ability to reduce downtime for changing out stacks.?

The proprietary scissors action down cut shear cutting?mechanism is virtually maintenance free and?delivers a clean cut on a wide variety of?materials.

With the RCH you can quickly and accurately?convert rolls into any length sheets you need.??Optional slitting gives you the ability to cut to length and width in a single process.

The RCH is built to order and is available in various web width and unwind capacities.?Additional features such slitting, decurling,?rewinding and cut to mark are available.


Maximum Web Width 36", 48", 60", 72", 84", 96", 108"
Maximum Web Speed 0-150fpm+
Maximum Stack Height 24"
Maximum Sheet Length 36", 48", 60", 72", 84", 96", 108", 120", 132", 144", 156", 168", 180"
Larger capacity available upon request
Cutting Method Scissors Action Shear Down Cut
Repeatibility Up to +/- 1/32", +/- 1/64"*
Maximum Roll Weight 750lbs, 2000lbs, 4000lbs, 10,000lbs
Cut to Mark Trim Printed Media
Decurling Reduce Material Curl
Edge Guide Adjust for Telescoped Rolls


Indexing Conveyor Automatically Load Empty Pallet and Unload Completed Stacks
Slitting Razor, Score, Shear or Ultrasonic


most flexible materials including - Pressure Sensitive Vinyl, Paper, Film, Foil, Fabrics, Polyester, PVC, Magnetic Vinyl, Plastic, Tape, EVA, Abrasives, Vinyl, Felt, Fiberglass, Nonwovens, Prepreg, Rubber

*Specifications subject the change. Speed, Accuracy, Sheet Length are material dependent. Maximum feed speed is reduced by Gripper Stacker. Feed Length is limited by Gripper Stacker Length. Please send samples rolls of your material to verify suitability. Please request a proposal for the latest specifications.

Disclaimer: Specifications are subject to change. Performance is material dependent. Machine stops to cut, maximum feed speed is effected by material characteristics. Please request a quotation for the latest information.

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